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Okay I’m not sure how many people know this but. With wyverns, you can pick up Dino’s and drop them (obviously). But when you are dropping them, you can do the Breath attack while spamming the grab button. This should give an edge in that PvP since you can just land that one tiny extra damage mark on a Player running on the ground. I find this Method best performed with the lightning wyvern, mainly because It’s the longest attack. I don’t recommend it with the Poison wyvern, since the poison spit is buggy sometimes. It can travel in any direction and you could kill yourself off the back of your wyvern. But if you manage to land a direct hit, it could deal devastating damage. The Fire wyvern works well with this too, especially in the night. Once you have someone enflamed, it’s like a short beacon and you could see them for a short amount of time (but if they go in the water, that effect is nullified).

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