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Easier way than milk:

My bf and I decided 2 days into the server we were gon yoink an egg with low pteras, so we did, 3 players dead 10 times, 3 pteras dead. But got a 45 egg, so worth it... We werent gon deal with wyverns for a bit so we straight up yoinked a snow owl, lvl 150. Cranked its stamina up to 4k. And every 10 to 20 min u go heal the wyvern after it hatched. You must just be very responsible and not forget abt it. 1k health drains in 30 min so u gon have to be quite active, once it reaches full maturity it can eat normal meat. I wouldnt recommend a deaodon, considering they munch food like crazy and if they run out of 20k food in 2 hours ur wyvern will most likely be toast when u wake up, just keep cryoing the wyvern when u cant check it. Then take it out when u ready to raise it with owl.

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