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I SWEAR TO GOD So like about 30 minutes ago (Emotional) I had prepared on Ragnarok to get a bunch of wyvern eggs, so it was going good and u had a level 116 army that was AMAZING and I even used dododex for tips and stuff. So this point in time it was the valentine's event and I love it! I went to the trench and killed of wyverns and got a level 4 fire egg, level 27 lighting egg, level 5 poison egg, level 5 lighting egg, and a level 45 poison egg. By this time I felt unstoppable, but I got to greedy I took down a level 143 lighting wyvern and I searched for its egg, I found it and waited till morning, and right as the sun was coming up I got unpaitient and grabbed the egg... But check for qyverns ALWAYS first, so I grabbed the egg and my heart was pounding SO HARD I ran out of the trench and 5 WYVERNS WERE AFTER ME, One was a poison two was lighting and the other two was fire, I took out the poison then one fire my 116 argy was SO CLOSE TO Dieing then I died from A LEVEL 167 FIREWYVERN

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