Poetic wyvern information:

The wyvern is a lizard of the air,

To tame it's fury,

You must enter their burning lair,

It has three kinds: one's stormy one's toxic and one's fiery,

To enrage them is a deadly thought,

But if successful will not amount to nought,

If you find the glowing stone,

From Inside will come flesh and bone,

And lightning, venom, or fire,

But do not sink into the burning mire,

To get this treasure,

It does not bring pleasure,

It enjoys a nest of burning flame,

And milk of the beast from which it came,

But if you manage the impossible feat,

The wyverns's fury is now yours to tame,

If you hatch wings of thunder,

Your aim may often blunder,

But with its power,

It could topple the highest tower,

If you hatch wings of acid,

Your shot may miss,

But after that the air is no longer placid,

If you hatch wings of fire,

Your range is weak,

But your power is dire,

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