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When stealing a wyvern egg you should always have a tapajara or a pterodactyl, have your mount on passive so if you get hit by the breath attack you can get out of there fast. Try and take a level 135-150 pterodactyl or tapaja, should have enough health to withstand at least one breath attack. When fleeing the wyvern go into a group of passive creatures and do a fly by. Most of the time the wyvern will get distracted by most dinosaurs that are in groups. If that doesn't work I usually have a plan B ready. That is just having a few low level flying dinosaurs ready when I fly over them then I just whistle aggressive. That almost always works for me. Then I have a plan C, because god knows I'm always over preparing. You fly in the forest, dismount, sacrifice your dino and just run. Plan D? I'm not that smart.

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