During the maturation process after you hatch your wyvern trap a low level female wyvern in a stone pillar trap and put it to sleep. If you are hatching you\'re wyvern right there the trapped female will not despawn and will regenerate 5 wyvern milk an hour after they wake up. I\'m about 68 hours into 2 of our babies and the female we caught in the beginning is still in the trap and regenerating milk. Word of caution though. If you trap the wyvern don\'t go to far from it or it will ghost through your stone pillars and if it\'s aggroed to you then it\'s gonna get rough pretty fast. Best advice is to capture a low level wyvern to reduce the number of tranq darts. I don\'t use arrows due to the fact you may kill your trapped female and then have to recapture another one. Good hunting everyone

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