Don't tame the squid around the world barrier or the sea floor. If you attempt to tame it, one mastercraft saddle on a 30k turtle should get you through four feedings without force feeding veggie cakes. Drive a raft over and set your turtle to follow you on Passive. Ride the turtle down with your 50 pearls and let the squid come to you, get as close to the max depth for the squid as possible. When the squid grabs your turtle, jump off spam A at its beak. Hold A to ascend quickly upwards and if you had the squid at max depth the turtle should be able to follow you back up without being grabbed again. Set a timer for 10 minutes at the surface and when the timer has about a minute left start your descent to find the squid again. Rinse and repeat. Brought three turtles using this strategy, only one left the raft and all three turtles survived.

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