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How to tame tuso

1 get a tame. I don’t see why turtles are so good at taming, meg worked fine but either will work. lvl up heath

2 search deep sea, I found 3 on brutal from the bottom left corner of the map to the top left corner of the map.

3 if you have soothing balm use it but I didn’t need it. use black pearls takes 50 at a time but if you did use balm you can use cooked prime meat takes 30 at a time I think.

4 go on a killing spree in the sea to open spawn spots for tuso.

5 when you find it, kill all eels, mantas, and any other hostile Dino’s near it.

6 tame by letting it grab your tame, then feeding it the pearls or prime meat.

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