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How to tame a Tuso!

First, let’s prepare!

What you need: A tame. Tuso’s can grab most creatures, except Basilio’s and other creatures that you shouldn’t use for this tame anyway. Make sure it either has a high oxygen stat or can breathe underwater. Also pump it’s levels into health. SCUBA gear, no Lazarus chowder as this tame is a longer one. Black pearls, in stacks of 50.

How to tame

Find a Tuso; I have only ever found them around Carno Island. Swim down to it on your tame. Let it aggro on you and grab your tame. You will know you have been grabbed because your screen will move around without you moving it. Now dismount, and quickly swim up to its beak-thing, with the black pearls in your last slot of your inventory (In a stack of 50), and feed. Repeat a couple times, the higher the level the more feeds, until tamed.

Now you have tamed a Tuso!


Tuso’s are very powerful, with an ink and a grab ability. Their grab ability will deal torpor as well as regular damage to whatever they’re holding.

When they are killed they drop:

Black pearls.

Tuso tentacle-a tribute for a boss, I believe the dragon.

Absorbent Substrate, a material for the gas mask.

There are also alpha variants of the Tuso, which drop:

Even more black pearls.

Alpha Tuso Eye, a tribute for the Overseer boss.

Absorbent Substrate

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