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Fairly easy tame when you use turtles and a decent mosa/shark/squid. Clear out the anglers, plesios, jellyfish around the squid then euip 50 blackpearls in your feeding slot. Have your turtles all follow the mosa/shark/squid and have all of them set to passive. Ride a turtle down to the squid and let the tuso grab it. Jump off the turtle and swim to the beak and feed. Swim back to your other turtles and wait around 14 minutes until the second feeding equiping another 50 b-pearls.after second feeding, you only need to wait about 7 minutes for each additional feeding (use dodorex for amount of feedings). On 2x taming youll only need 200 pearls for a 150. Get insane amounts of fish/meat/prime with your new tuso mount to feed all your carnivorous breeding needs.

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