Tamed 3 solo so far on official Center map. Hardest part about taming is keeping track of the plesios and the mosas that are usually found in the same vicinity. I use 4 basilos and bring about 5 high health (10k) high speed turtles. You really only need about 2-3 but i bring the extra just in case they get attacked by other creatures.Keep your animals on passive following 1 basilo and put 5 pearls in last hotbar spot. Hop on a turtle, have 1 passive basilo follow you and once the coast is clear, decend down to the squid until it grabs you and the turtle. Hop off the turtle and swim up the the beak then spam E. Hop on your basilo while squid still has your turtle and head back to the surface where your other animals are. Reload 50 more pearls and after first feeding wait about 14 minutes and repeat. After the second feeding, i found you only need to wait about 7-8 minutes between feedings.Dont forget, on PVE your new tuso cannot grab wild dinos so the vampire drain and knockout useless.

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