I tamed a mosa for the very specific reason of taming this bastard. Met one and almost shat my pants because it is so fast on mobile, at least. Do not engage without a plan to tame this bastard. Better get your scuba set and spare lazarus chowder, just in case the craplegs grab you too. Go fishing for black pearls, I am lucky enough for one to actually get a ton only by fishing and killing some ammonites ( exp grinder for my mosa). Trapping is not possible, and will follow you anywhere max speed, on mobile that is. These bastards have no invisible walls or whatnot, only go through every rock you know in hopes of trapping it, then here goes either taming or killing. Best thing to use is a ton of black pearls, and a soothing balm on mobile. Remember, don’t get caught or your dead meat, especially if near the world borders (as these bastards tend to spawn more near the border) and put some speed into your mosa. Plesiosaurs or mosas can outrun this thing, only problem if your stam ran out.

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