troodons ai seems to more cosistently attack a mounted player. if you're not mounted it's ai is left to RNG to decide if it will attack at all and has a long cool down. troodons will also try to attack whatever is carrying it and can attack when carried by an Argy. I had the best result when using a tanky argy and several (6) baby yutys (230ish) over roughly 30% maturity, all set to lowest follow, baby dinos flee unless whistled. when the troodon stopped attacking I picked it up and flew over my trap until it attacked again. when I landed I whistle all follow and moved as needed so all of the babies are getting hit. use the move command on a nearby spotif the yutys are blocking your movement. day/night only matters for exp gained and having additional troodons nearby for mate/pack boost did not increase the damage per hit as far as I could tell.

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