Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

I woke up In a cage, surrounded by something with blowing eyes the next thing I know everything goes black… I woke up once again. I’m not above anything anymore. I look around to see people healing my wounds that I got from the glowing eyes. One of them brings me a cup of water and some cook meat. I’m terrified what happened? I’m cautious with who they are I’m afraid to speak I keep my distance. They know that I’m afraid but one of the Guards accidentally spook me. They have a cage with the creature that Hurt me I was confused why they had one of those things then I remembered that was a troodon that hurt me I kept my distance from that animal, but one of the guards put it in a crate filled with more cages inside that other little animals inside then a horse took it away. They were delivering it somewhere else I finally said “ What is this place?” One of the guards looked at me and said “ well sweetheart, you are yourself up here at crystals tribe territory might as well become one of us. We don’t usually let people live. We don’t give them any mercy, but we gave you mercy to live with us teach you everything you need to know about this world, it’s not the easiest to remember from when you got flashed here and then onto the island it’s not the best to end up on the beach or in the forest getting attacked by Stupid troodons I can help you Learn everything I’m not practically a real guard. I’m just here to put creatures in their crates.” I looked around, saw a bunch of empty cages. One of them was very big bigger than the tallest dinosaur and was a herbivore too, but this one had a bunch of chains on it unlike any other cage, they said it was the most dangerous creature that I could think of a giga they made sure that I didn’t get too close to the edge of the water because there are Crocs in there they just wanted to make sure that I was safe. acting like a toddler in this world they had to keep me safe from dangers the weapons they let me play with a few weapons with target it was pretty fun, but they said it was time for me to head into the camping area. We’re all kids slept if they didn’t have a parent, and then it was the adoption center. They had a pet section and somewhere where you can adopt a kid.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoy the next chapters. Hopefully, you You do like them

- Snake

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