Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

I woke up on the beach then I ran to the nearest forest that I could see, but there was a creature in front of me that I never seen before she sleeping in the bushes It was just a little baby. I checked it to see if it was OK or not. It was wet and I saw eggshells right next to the little thing I looked around to see if I could find parents. I didn’t see them anywhere so I took the little one and made sure you’re safe. There is no other way to Find her parents so I took her as quickly as Possible. I stopped to see a big pond with lots of berries and some other features that I did not know of. I found a base location that I can start building my home. I laid on the rock that I found to take a bit of a break from all the running. I was in the clear open area with all the food in the big pond to look after it wasn’t the best area to live in, but it had to do I loved it. There was no dangerous that I could see of. Someone Came out of the bushes and asked me a few questions. He said “ What are you doing by this big pond?” I said “ It looks like a nice place to live, and I have nowhere to be.” He Nod his head, he could understand it because he did the same too. He said he could help me build a house. He just could not make it. He can give me the resources to build because he wasn’t allowed to build houses. Since another clan. I asked if this was their hunting ground he said no I started building a big old house to stay with lots of spiked walls. Here we got some metal spiked walls made sure that I could live here and his leader came to see who I was and we became allies. I was very pleased with the help that I got they landed me some eggs that were fertile and they said I could come at any time that I wanted, they landed me weapons too with a lot of things only day one of me being here I ran for half the day anyways I told them my story. I got the little baby that I have now and where I got it and how I survived half the day I was dying , but it was lunchtime so they invited me over So I could have lunch with them they weren’t picky with who their allies were. They only wanted to know if I was friendly or not. I wasn’t demanding neither do their tames Do anything. But I had to go back to my base to go work. Leader chose, who got to go with me to help me finish the My base, They helped me building a nursery and finish my house with some other things that I needed they made sure that I had tall walls with a lot of room in my house in the nursery. They built a miniature petting zoo just for me that I could just put my small animals in. Anything bigger than a dire wolf was not allowed in the petting zoo that they built me they built some of the biggest enclosures I have ever seen. My little baby was grown They told me what type of creature it was, and they never tamed one before. It was troodon.

This is not based off a true story. I just made this for fun about the story about just Actually happened, but it did not. I’m expired by many stories.

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