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Steps to wind up your neighbors in ark PVP:

Step one-have a high level quets and have a argy and on the quets make sure it has a pen built on it but a hatch for a roof.

Step 2- fly around the whole map and with the argy pick up every troodon and put it in the pen.

Step 3- after completing step 2 smile and think about have Funny it will be.

Step 4- fly to your neighbors ridiculously high defenced base and land outside. Then one by one with the argy through the roof grab a troodon and drop it into their base.

Step 5- laugh at them cursing at you

Step 6- cry that they just did this to you but with troodons and a wild Rex.......

(Happened to me all this I was the one unloading the Rex with the troodons to retaliate. Best thing they never messed with me for ages... still waiting they’re out there..)

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