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Hello people I’m kai the Dino guy thanks for 31 hits on the carno here’s how to tame a trike folks

1 ofc find a trike make sure he doesn’t have any friends nearby or they will kill you

2 one you have him ready use a cross bow I have very limited cross bows but tranq arrows also work on normal bow * also if high level avoid his atack and club him

3 one knocked out give him some kibble * I don’t know exact kibble name * or s9me berries

4 keep the torpor up with narcoberries narcotics or bio toxin. **bio toxin is best**

5 one tamed trike saddle can be crafted at level 16 and requires 12 engram points one saddle is equipped the trike has a standered horn atack and a charge atack if you swipe back *I DO PLAY ON MOBILE* so I have less ability’s trikes can also gather berries pretty good

6 that’s all I think I have to say sorry for all the writing this one was a little different I’ll do how to tame baryonyx if his hits 40 !!,!! Thx for all your support

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