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Your Pocket Triceratops Taming Guide


Some info-

Ah, the trike. Your trusty early-game berry gatherer and a surprisingly strong (and surprisingly slow!) mount. You've probably tamed one before, but if you haven't, you've come to the right place.


I would recommend using tranq arrows or darts, although you shouldn't really need to tame a trike by the time you unlock tranq darts. Get up somewhere high (But be careful as trikes can climb better than you'd think) or get it stuck between two trees. If you want you could use a trap, but it shouldn't be nessesary. As for taming food, my choice would be mejoberries. They're easier to obtain than crops and actually tame it quicker! You'll need 85 mejoberries for a level 150. As for narcotics, you'll need to bring some, no matter what level you're going after.

Saddling and Stats-

Good bulky tames with a high health stat. Stamina is average, and is the one I put the most points into. Saddle is simply made from hide, wood and fibre (I think).


I haven't written a section on breeding one of these guides before, and I don't know too much about trike breeding, so don't take my word as fact. One thing you'll need, berries. Trike eggs can be hatched under 3-4 standing torches and are herbivores (obviously). You should be able to give the hatchling a few stacks of berries and forget about it.

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