I saw a lvl 135 Trike near my base when I was lvl 19, so I…

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I saw a lvl 135 Trike near my base when I was lvl 19, so I went and gained xp until I was lvl 21 (to make tranq arrows). I made 50 tranq arrows and built an elaborate collection of thatch structures in the hopes that the trike will get stuck and expose its weaker sides for me to shoot. Turns out it only took 7 shots to down it with an ascendent bow. I fed it mejoberries and it tamed out at ~lvl 180. He was my very first rideable tame and I left the beach to venture into the jungle for the very first time with him. I originally named him berry machine but I have since set up crop plots to grow berries. Now he’s named the defender cuz I use his massive knock back to keep baddies away from unconscious dinos I’m taming. He’s still alive and well today and I now puts him right in the middle of my row of herbivores, which also includes my lvl 230 ankylo (named metal machine), lvl 215 parasaur (named ovisaurolophus), lvl 220 stegosaurus (named get tail swiped nooooooob), and lvl 215 carbonemys (named a slow tank).

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