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People here are giving simple tips. I'm gonna give a simpler one. 1: Get to lvl 21, which you'll need to get tranq arrows. 2: craft 3 ladders, build a thatch/wood tower of 3 blocks. 4: make sure to build the tower as close as possible to a rock, which must be the same size as your 3 block tower, then attach the ladders to it. 5: get your bow, equip your tranq arrows, climb your tower, and hit a trike with sling shot. 6: when the trike charges at you, start shooting it with the tranq arrows and make sure not to shoot the head, hit the body. If the tower breaks, jump to the rock and continue. 7: watch the herb fall down unconscious, and feed it berries. 8: craft the saddle which is supa Ez and introduce it to your beloved tames. 9: enjoy life with your amazing tames. Don't forget to love them! Hope this helped.

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