A trikes life( continuation of raptors life)

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A trikes life( continuation of raptors life)

I was just a normal trike. in a normal map. With normal neighbors. Except for a two legged weird creature with short tentacles on the end of its feet. one day, the weird Dino hit me with some green sticks that made me sleepy. They came out of some weird wooden curve. I was done with getting shot at, so I climbed the rock it was standing on to attack it. It looked pretty surprised eventually, I fell asleep. When I woke up I had a strange thing on my back suddenly, I saw the thing again. WHY WAS IT ON TOP OF ME?!?! I got used to it and now,I help my master get wood and berries. I was nicknamed โ€œrhinoโ€. life was awesome now, I met some new neighbors, two turtles, two dodos, and later a raptor. One of the turtles was named Sheldon.(the other didnโ€™t have a name.) both dodos were nameless, and the raptor was named โ€œPuffBalls Unitedโ€ Iโ€™ll never understand his name. But I donโ€™t care

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