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This thing desperately needs a TLC, sadly it’s probably never gonna get one cause Wildcard is probably gonna abandon ARK 1 after they release ARK 2, but here’s my idea of a cool TLC

New design, make it bigger, a little bit smaller than basilisk and remove the neck frills.

New attack, it keeps its basic bite, it’ll also get a constricting ability that drains its prey’s oxygen

New stats and uses, it’ll be dominant in health and weight and it’ll make a great underwater tame

Harvesting uses, it can be good for harvesting leech blood and it could passively generate narcotics in its inventory(y’know, snake.)

Sadly it’ll probably never happen, since Wildcard doesn’t even read Dododex(they didn’t even create it), but it’s fun to think about, right?

- Tatakae5339

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