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Don't tame them, its not worth it. They still have their uses though. They're a good source of prime meat and hide, aswell as loot. And you could always use the good ol' tactic of dropping them into enemy bases with argents. I could see this being a good way to lead a raid as they are pretty quiet, they could take some people by surprise, and could weaken or knock out some enemies. And if you really want their eggs, do what people did before and make a special pen. It would probably be more worthwhile as a tame if it had some other abilities or if it took regular eggs instead of only fertile ones. As a tame now, it's just a less versatile scorpion with higher torpor damage. And scorps are easy to tame. Just tame some scorps and save your babies. They're more of a novelty tame now, sonething thats pretty cool but doesn't have much real use.

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