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I think the titanoboa is one of the best examples of imbalance in this game. It essentially serves the same purpose as a scorpion except it does more torpor. It is also much harder to tame, requiring multiple FERTILE eggs to tame, even if you have the more powerful dino eggs it can take a butt ton to tame just one. Why would you do that when you can use those fertile eggs to raise up the powerhouses and just go on to tame a few scorps. You can also ride the scorpion and its pretty good at climbing, abd they only require spoiled meat and tranqing, its super easy to tame and they do the exact same thing. Some people tame it just for its kibble, look if you're taming speed is low enough to truly warrant kibble, its still not worth it. Because you would need to sacrifice even more fertile eggs to tame just one. Also scorpion kibble is good for rexes, its a good kibble to have! If it had more abilities it might be worth it. Couldn't it have the ability to be a giant bola to stun large dinos

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