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These big snake bois need a tlc and i have an idea for it so up if you like it:

They will now have a gender and they will be able to swallow corpses to be bigger and there will be a % on the tamed ones, 100% is the basic and at 150% you will be able to ride on the without a saddle but they will get extra defense and at 200% they get more defense and they will have a similar ability to the snowl owl like a heat vision and they will be like incubators but they won't have the temperature bonus and will be slower than the incubators and you will have to feed them eggs to use the incubator function and depending on the scale of the egg they get diferent Ωͺ of the incubator function like the biggest and rarest one will give like 75% or something like that and every 5 days they will change their skin and the skin will give hide at the incubator mode titanoboas won't be able to move and will be protecting the eggs like they are titanoboas eggs (you can change the amount of time that they change skin and the amount of % they gain with eggs on the settings of the server/solo)

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