They are awesome, but in a way that every time you see a swamp or swamp creatures, and you think about death, death, and more death. They are a danger that could end you and other ARK players right as you step into the swirling world of danger of the swampland. It is most likely that a sarco or kapro will kill you first, quite frankly. This one time, since I’ve seen weird root things, I went into a swamp. On the edge, I saw what I thought was a root. This “root” chased me until it got bored and chased one of those paracerium things and I, fortunately, escaped. They are a murder waiting to happen. They paint the stain of grief and terror and death into your soul forever. Waterfalls of language in fire-blown claws. If you kill a snake and you and your friends are there, and more snakes chase you, you and your companions will wonder, “will it kill us?” Only one will see the dead snake. Depending on who loses the future. Just stay away and don’t mistake roots for a titanoboa or a titanoboa for a root. One will terrorize you and the other will kill you.

More Titanoboa Encountering Tips