I hate theese things.

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I hate theese things. When I was playing ark, I saw two of theese and went on my stego to kill them. My stegosaurus name was September because he was white. So I went over there and noticed they were doing big damage AND cant be paralyzed by stegosaurus special attack, so I got off, called passive, and ran so my stego can run. September died. I was heart broken. I tamed the one that killed september and killed the female, and I naked the one that killed September STEGO KILLER and i dont like him. 10 minutes later, i see another couple of these. I go out BY MYSELF to attack them. TURNS OUT THESE THINGS CAN PAIR UP! I punched the female A LOT but that happiness soon ended. The female ran over to my dinosaurs that were on neutral. My 2nd tame, Rappin the Raptor was killed, my otter, (otty) was killed and I also think my first ever dinosaur, my dilophosaurus named Dill pickle was killed. I exited without saving and came back in to see everything back to normal, expect for September. I did this when I first saw an otter and I CRIED when it died to a piranha. That was on a save that got deleted by a bug. I spent 2 frickin years on that save-...

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