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‘Sup y’all. I’m a noob and I built my home on the other side of an island very close to the green obelisk (in mobile). I was gathering stone for a mortar and pestle when I saw this thing in the trees on the other side of the beach. Since it was so close to the green obelisk, I thought it was a raptor (silly me) and got scared for my life. It came all the way over to the side of my island opposite my house, and I got very scared that it would take everything from me (I had 2 lystros, 8 dilos, a phiomia and a parasaur, which was the thing I really didn’t want to lose).

After asking a more experienced friend what to do (thanks Bebe), I decided to face the problem head-on since it wasn’t gonna leave. I took all 8 of my dilos, made a few bolas, a ton of spears, and enough stone arrows to exterminate all the dodos out there. Then I went charging in.

The bolas were completely useless, and the beast killed 6 of my dilos (mind you, this one is only level 3), but we were victorious!

I only found out what it was after it died, and I’d like to say that they’re much worse than raptors (though I’m not sure I can say that since I’ve never fought a raptor before, even if I have been torn to shreds by one).

And today, I learned they were herbivorous. So if they weren’t such huge jerks, we would’ve gotten along just fine.

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