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This is the ultimate taming/hunting flier

It has good weight and no need to upgrade stamina I'll tell that later here is a compilation of it's benefits;

1: while airborne when you switch to a passenger seat it

will regenerate stamina while airborne but if it's set to

stop then it will try to land

2: it makes taming and hunting easy because of it's

clinging ability, you can cling to a vertical surface away

from your enemy's reach and tranq or kill them

3: it's saddle has 3 seats 1 for the driver 2 for the

passengers so one person can ride it while the other 2

people attack " they cant hit the same enemy since one

attacks from the back and one from the front"

4: clinging, pretty straightforward it can cling on vertical

surface up to approximately 60Β° (including redwood


That's all I could remember

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