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If you’re thinking on getting one, get it. The hardest thing abt these are finding them. Otherwise taming, saddle making, ect is easy as.

Why you ask? Find one with good health, their xp levels are low so you can level them up easy as, they don’t do much damage but with the health, kill as many things as possible. They aren’t strong you say? I just encountered 3 carnos, 2 sarvos, a few snakes and a pack of terror birds, I was alone and accepting death when ‘Coochayyy’ stepped in and helped. Both got out alive. Upgrade speed and weight. They already come with pretty good weight for a flyer, but their stamina is also alright, might want to level that up too tho. With all these new levels you now have a perfect carrier. When going on long adventures for anything bring them, they can carry all your language as you explore. Up this tip for more ark players to see.

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