What you need:

1 full ghillie suit, they can be made from the polymer dropped by penguins

1-5 bolas

Tranq weapon of choice

20-50 raw meat (preferably with some prime meat too)

About 20 narcotics, just to be safe

I. The easiest way I found to tame them is to look at the spawn map in the Dododex to determine the best area to find one. Anywhere southeast of the green obelisk is a good are for the island map. Once you've found where you want to look, put on your ghillie suit and head over there. IMPORTANT! DO NOT RIDE A MOUNT, YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO GET CLOSE ENOUGH UNNOTICED

1. Walk around a bit until you find one.

2. Once you've found one, crouch to get closer. Once you start getting very close go prone (you are nearly invisible while prone in a ghillie suit).

3. Once you think you have a good shot throw a bola at it. Don't worry if you miss, it won't notice you unless you get up. If it gets away and doesn't notice you, repeat step 3 (Once it starts flying you still have a chance at hitting it before it gets too far)

4. Once it's stuck on the ground, knock it out. Try to aim for the head to conserve your ammo.

5. Put some meat in its inventory, if you start running out you can hunt in the area to get more. Check up on it every few minutes to give it some narcotics so it stays asleep.

You now have a tapejara, feel free to put a saddle on it and ride it back home. Up if helpful

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