As a mobile player, I used to own lots these guys.

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As a mobile player, I used to own lots these guys. Now I’ve got Ruby, a female Tapejara with red wings, a red rudder, the fur on her back also being red, and her main color being black, and an unnamed Tapejara of the same gender that looks almost like her, but with her main color being slightly brighter. We were quite the colorful flock at one point. This might be all the names, might not, but there was Buddy, Sam, (I forgot the other female’s name), Obald, Evergreen (a male who got his name for his color pattern) and before most of them was Ruby, who is now the last member of the original flock. She was originally tamed as a companion to Buddy, although she almost escaped, and she was tamed not too far into the Redwood Forest. She has out-trained the others health wise. At one point, we could carry resources from the south cave en-masse beyond the inventory capacity of a single Tapejara. I think I even had to revive Ruby at one point due to a Spino, but I forgot. Thx for reading

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