As someone who hears these creatures getting slaughtered…

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As someone who hears these creatures getting slaughtered (and sometimes falling unconscious, likely due to those PESKY Titanoboa/snakes) on a regular basis whenever Iโ€™m in the swamp, Iโ€™ll take a chance to save an innocent fleeing creature if I see it possible. I just had this experience where I was flying on my Tapejara Ruby (named after the color of her wings and fin) when I heard such a thing happening. It didnโ€™t take me long for me to see a camouflage-green female Phiomia being attacked by a raptor. I have Ruby start attacking, distracting the raptor from itโ€™s meal. Although, she runs out of stamina and lands halfway through the fight, shortly thereafter resulting in me getting grabbed off and pounced. Luckily however I still have decent health and am wearing Chitin armor, so I have enough time to whistle Ruby to assist, who then kills the raptor just as I jump back onto her saddle. Shortly afterwards I decided to spare mercy on the Phiomia and knock her out for taming.

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