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Day 1: I wanted to tame one of these to help tame a quetz. I found 2; one was level 90, the other was level 15. I chase the level 90 for half an hour, and then it vanished. So I went for the level 15. One shot with my tranq dart to the head, and it died. So I take its implant to revive it and tame it. Day 2: I build a trap around the green obelisk, and revive it. I shoot it once, and it doesn’t go down. I shoot it a second time, and it dies again. I spend the rest of the day collecting more amber. Day 3: I revive it once more. I FINALLY KNOCK IT OUT! It’s taming, and has full torpor, so I fly back to my base. I’m gone for literally 2 MINUTES, and when I get back, it vanished. It didn’t even wake up and fly away. It just vanished😭

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