Secrets of the jungle, chapter 3- the ravine

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Secrets of the jungle, chapter 3- the ravine

Something lunged out of the trees before Monarch and Naika could argue more. It had blood and feathers on its fangs. It attempted to snatch up Monarch, but by then they where well out of reach. It was a deinopithicus, and the blood and feathers in its fangs… It was honeybee. His wing swung limp out of its jaws, and Monarch nearly fell out of the sky in horror.

β€œWe have to go, now!” Yelled Monarch.

β€œWay ahead of you!” Yelled Naika, already a food ahaid .

The deinopithicus roared, and more lunged out. Naika swung out of the way, last moment. But Monarch wasn’t so lucky.

The beast’s claws raked against her side and leg, and Monarch screamed. It had tore through her skin, leaving a mess of blood in its place. Naika grabbed her companion just as she fainted, and they flew home with terrifying news for they’re emperor and empress.

(TBC also sorry for my spelling)

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