Ultimus Chapter 4

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Ultimus Chapter 4

Andrew was alone in the house, his parents were outside doing something while he was working on one of his last exam project for his engineering degree. It was a team project and he was partnered up with his best friend Rue Baker. But because he wasn’t able to be in the room they were building the project, Andrew was using a VR Droid with speakers and microphones so he could communicate with Rue. Rue looked over at his droid and smiled.

“So have you named your dog yet? My offer still stands if you want.” She said while tightening some bolts.

“Thanks Rue, but I don’t think your name really fits as a name for a boy dog.” Andrew said,

“Well then what about my sister’s name Samantha. Just use Samuel, Sam or Sammy instead.” Rue said,

“Rue, can you please stop trying to name my dog after someone in your family?” Andrew asked.

“I’m just trying to help you name your dog, if it so happens that most of my names are my family member’s names. It’s just some strange coincidence.” Rue said with a big smile on her face. She and Andrew both started laughing hard. Andrew could see tears running down Rue’s face from how hard she was laughing. Neither of them had laughed good in a long time. Earth was dying and neither of them at this time could do anything about it. That’s why they both wanted to become engineers, to help in anyway they can with either of the main projects. Rue looked back at the droid that Andrew was using. Her laughter ended and she a frown looking at it.

“I miss you Andy, it’s been two years since I’ve last seen you in person. And I hate that I taped your face to this thing. I thought it would help me not miss you, but instead it it makes me miss you more. You’re like a brother to me.” Rue said depressingly,

Andrew sat there with his headset on. He felt the same way. He thought of her as a sister, he hadn’t seen her since his family lived in Arat Prime. He missed it, he missed her horribly. He started to say something, but the bell rang. Classes were over for the day. Immediately Rue started getting her things ready to leave. She looked over at Andrew’s droid.

“So what are your plans with this degree? Are going to work with the URE when you get older? They are needing a lot of engineers.” Rue asked,

“I’m not sure what I am going to do with my degree Rue, I think I’ll probably go into the Terran Federation or a company that helps both causes. But I feel the URE’s plan to try to save Earth is a waste of time. The Earth’s dying, we can’t save it from the what’s going to happen.” Andrew said, Rue smiled and sighed.

“Never say never Andrew. There’s always a chance. And besides, if you choose URE. I’d see you more often.” Rue said smiling.

“So you’re going to work for the URE?” Andrew asked, Rue nodded smiling.

“As soon as I graduate.” Rue said,

“Huh, why?”

“I’d rather try to save the place I was born than live somewhere and know I could’ve tried.” Rue said. Andrew thought on this for a moment. He wondered if she was right.

“I’ll see you Monday Andrew!! Have a good weekend!” Rue said as she walked to the door.

“Have a good weekend Rue!! See you Monday!!” Andrew said, he adjusted his droid to look at their project. It was a heavily modified exo mek.

“Andrew!!! Can you come out here for a moment!” Kim yelled from outside, Andrew opened up the window and took off his headset.

“Coming Mom, finishing up school.” Andrew said.

“Alright, bring your dog with you. Meet us in the back at the shed.” Kim said,

Andrew quickly shut off his droid and put his books and headset away in his closet. He quickly grabbed a jacket and a leash for his dog. He whistled for him and he came in excitement. He hooked him up and took him outside and both walked to the shed.

The shed was fairly large, about a third of the size of their house. Andrew never had been in the shed, he just didn’t have the urge for whatever was in there. Plus his parents had said to him to not go in unless he had permission. And to which he never asked to go in. He came to the door and opened it. When he did, he was in awe.

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