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Ignore the bobs. Catch fish in fish baskets of 1.0 size or preferably higher, around 15 to 20 to be safe. Build a 2x2x2 hut with an open roof, pick a good lvl one with a skiff and drop it into the trap. Throw a roof over it to prevent it from aggro'ing when you're flying around. During the day it'll fall asleep and you can feed it then, through the walls. If night falls it'll wake up and you'll have to wait til 8am in-game time to continue taming, effectiveness will not be affected. If it does aggro on the trap you can either leave render distance, replace the walls it's attacking or shoot it with a net gun to fix it, however using a net gun *can* reset the tame. This thing takes some time to set up, but once it's trapped and you have the fish you're good. X

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