Genesis part 2: Harper

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Genesis part 2: Harper

Kira sat on her bed, she rubbed the metal on her rifle as she was cleaning it. A noise hit the wall like a cannon ball, she jumped up and stared at the wall in disbelief, she ran down the hallway and opened a door, Harper wasn't in her stable, the door to her pen looked like it had been ripped apart by something big, too big. She stepped along the thatch flooring until she was at the edge and could see the outer wall of her base, the wall that had been struck, blood stained the wall, dripping down to a lifeless form of a raptor. She saw this and ran to Harper, she cried for only a moment before the ground shook, and shook again, and again. Something was coming, she pulled out her rifle and loaded it with bullets, but then it stopped, and she saw nothing, but she could feel breath on her face. It was right in front of her.

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