Crescent: Part 1

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Crescent: Part 1

A girl stood at the edge to a cave, her hair flowing from underneath her witches hat, her eyes glowed a luminous yellow and her gillie armour was laced with sout from the volcano. A little glow tail sat on her shoulder and whimpered as she took a deep breath in, she reached around and pulled him from her shoulder, she used two fingers and patted him to keep him calm, "It's okay Tacombi, I just wanna see if we can find any thing valuable in here, like crystal, or obsidian." She lifted Tacombi back onto her shoulder and whispered to him, "Besides I'll bet all my armour that your tougher than any of the creatures that are probably in there." She laughed as he stood straighter and puffed out his chest, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a black and blue cryopod,and threw it. Blue particles wnt flying as a Volcanic Allosaurus materialized from thin air. A saddle adorned her back and she looked at her suroundings, inquisitive.

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