Lunar Tales

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Lunar Tales

Episode 1

My head swam with confusion, I opened my eyes, the blue sky filled me vision. I slowly sat up and looked around, where was I? Rolling waves crashed into my feet, the water was cold, there was a bird circling over the water in the distance, trees swayed in the wind, I stood and regained my balance. The world looked different, my hearts skipped a beat when the reds next to the water shuddered something was moving them and then I see a light tan tail poke out of it, and the rest of the body slowly comes into view, a little creature with an adorable face turns to see me with a fish in her mouth, an otter, she threw her head back and swallowed the rest of the fish and waddled towards me, I tripped on a stick and fell right on my butt when this little otter came over and curled in my lap, she liked me. Oh by the way, hi, I'm Crescent, and this is the story of how I became the queen of the dinosaurs.

Look for Episode 2, coming soon.

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