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Looking for a awesome land and water mount?


Try to tame a male and female get them to 60+ Level and start breeding with every baby you get imprint and then start breeding imprinted ones, once you get a mutation imprint that but because that one will be a really good sarco when adult make it strong enough just incase you come upon something horrifically strong that you need to fight, and ur alone with ur mutated imprinted sarco, and in my opinion there the best for water caves there fast, strong though there not a β€œboss” type of Dino there good for underwater caves and exploring the ocean but if you wanna explore the ocean make them really strong because when I was a noob I had a lvl 55 sarco I took it out in the ocean (it wasn’t imprinted) AND A LVL 10 MEGLADON ALONE KILLED IT πŸ˜€. There really fast and agile in water and if you turn ur screen behind them and bite they will do a really fast turn.

Up if this helped 😊


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