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Once upon a time, my Sarco and I were hunting some Megalodons for fish meat, when a pack of Cnidaria stung the both of us, I tried to swim to the shore but it's too late. Mantas and Megs attacked me and my Sarco. My Sarco tried to fight back, biting his opponents. I swam back to the shore, and... My Sarco never came back. His dead corpse was a feast for Mantas and Megalodons. I hold my fists, my mind thirst for revenge. Rifle in hand, I swam back, shooting every Megalodon and Mantas I see. It was a bloodbath, bodies of Megalodon and Mantas floating in the ocean. I avenged his death… My Sarco…

Rain pours down to the land. He left his beloved wife and son.

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