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There has one thing about a sarco that never get aggro by other, unless you chronicle it, yea.. its a sarco that you can find it out seek on volcano cave, yea it can be cave creature on that cave.(There's No Chance it has spawn on other cave*)

To find it you just have to sreach close to artifact, or the water that you could find when youre using left side cave, it has on underwater and beware for phiranha, the probably spawn on the water like 20+, But the sarco that spawn on the cave we're probably low level even youre play on hard, i haven't seeing one that has big lev one, and yea because it has spawn on cave that mean it has ability to become like other cave creature that doesnt aggro the other, It may little bit hard to tame cuz the place its on cave n probably there's chance other creature on cave were get aggro by you, but when you tame it you probably could to swim way on underwater without think bout mosas, Plesiour n etc, And be aware about megalosaur that may be awake when you tried to tame sarco's!

Sorry If there has some mistake on the word, Probably english aint my first word that i know.


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