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Though I would not recommend traversing inland with these unless along a river for a quick getaway, Sarcos are really reliable mounts when travelling across the sea and rivers. Relatively slower on land, when you put these bad boys in water, they are giant toothed torpedoes. Their base stats are not bad and can be improved by adding a couple points first to health, melee and stamina. When you want to explore the island, add a few more points to movement speed and you'll have a mount that can kill and swim efficiently. Like in the dossier, these crocs are shark hunters, so don't be scared when encountering a Meg, you can easily diminish them but as long as you are constantly circling around them so they won't bite you. But I wouldn't fight anything other than that because the ocean is a dangerous place . And beware of jellyfish. Hate those buggers.I learned the hard way and lost my level 67 Sarco "Swampy". Overall my favourite Dinosaur in Ark Survival!

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