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Probably the best mount for survivors below lvl 50. Super easy to tame, it's saddle is only at lvl 35 and just like turtles it's body is low enough that you can "ride" it without a saddle. Decent speed on land, best turn of any dino, relatively strong, extremely fast in water. Just beware Raptors can dismount you off a sarco (the largest creature Raptors can dismount you off of is the rock drake) and baryonyx will aggro and can stun lock when in water. Right click (or left trigger on console) is a death roll which is basically as useful as the therizinos peck, C (right stick on console) makes your 40 foot gharial lunge in the direction of which it last sspinned, attacking while looking behind you will make it spin around giving it the best turn in the game, lunge doesn't work in water, beware wild sarcos can grab you for several seconds and dismount you off some small dinos.

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