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So this is a story of a saber named kitty kitty, once we…

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So this is a story of a saber named kitty kitty, once we first saw her she was stuck In some trees soo me and my brother knocked it out and named her kitty kitty and we got her a pack and one kid. Now me and my brother where in the red woods and saw some bronto’s and thought out pack of Three could take them on, my brother was on the baby who had grow up and I was on the male and no one was one kitty kitty and there we Three three brontos to so once we charged a couple hits In and kitty kitty was out, now me and my brother found what we called it a “hack” when some of our Dino’s would die we could Quickly quickly get off the world and they would not be dead. We have done this once with kitty when she died from a Thieri in the jungle and we have done that so called “hack” lots of times, when kitty kitty died we where sad but we got over it

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