So there was a series of servers that is ran by…

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So there was a series of servers that is ran by lurkingGoose on ps4 and this server was rag and I had a friend that already had tribe but I didn’t want to get into his tribe so I just lived next to him for a while then he took me inside his base where his sleeping tribe mate was he had tames on him and one was a brown argent I really wanted and so I stole it and said I needed to go so I left on my raptor with argent in cryopod keep in mind I was in a party with them and his tribe mate got on they speaker Spanish so I couldn’t under stand them but I felt like he saw that the Argent was gone... I left the party got on my argent named her trade for them to think I traded her which was stupid but once a got to an island I settled there for a while she was my best argent but one day we were trying to get wyvern eggs and while I was on my way I saw two poison wyvern s and they started to chase me they spit there poison balls and killed me and my argent honey... I cried when I saw the death message.

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