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Me and a tribemate plus someone else did the Artifact of the Massive Cave, my tribemate on a Dire Wolf and me and the other guy both on a Saber. The guy on the saber logged off, and me and my tribemate had died many times. The saber was a legend though. I don’t know if it’s a feature in Ark Mobile in general, but the Saber is lucky to have some sort of auto-jump safety feature. The Saber survived the cave until we finally got to the artifact room. There, my game glitched, and as my tribemate watched in horror, the Saber walked into the lava - with me on it. I resplendent and headed back to the artifact room. My tribemate had to log off and got killed, so I got the artifact. But now I was lost, and with no water, and my health draining I very slowly made my way to the exit of the cave. But I never made it. I died in the cave. I respawned checked my inventory and bam, there it is, the Artifact of the Massive. So here’s the lesson: don’t bring a tame to deep in the lava cave. RIP NalgΓΆrde

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