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Once I perfect tamed a level 150, and named him Axel. He was my best tame so far(level 45) and we did everything together. But one day, we heard an alpha rex had been spotted on the server, at this time, I reached level 85, and I decided to scout the area with Axel to find it. But a thylakoids came and knocked me off Axel, and Axel killed it. However at this unlucky time, I heard the ground shake. I turned around, and was greeted by alphas sick smile. After my gruesome death( damn rex) I was sad because I thought Axel was screwed. However after a month of playing, someone on the server sent me a message saying they saw my saber tooth. They brought him to me on an argy, and I renamed him Greatness, and he(somehow) had loot and do from the alpha!!!

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