Always equip a tracker collar on ur tames

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Always equip a tracker collar on ur tames

Now this is about how i lost my griffin....which was lvl 437

So i had tamed many many dinos now like a eerie theri a rex a giga and many more so i had god console i was flying around with god console and i rode my griffin and when i landed and dismounted it went flying into the jungle becuz i forgot to turn off the fly and i had put my dinos on stop cuz its annoying when they follow me around i had like 20 dinos most of them very big and when my griffin went flying i whistled follow everyone followed me and it was a disaster but i never got my griffin back (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`) R.I.P Saniden Aka sandy cuz i deleted that world out of anger....i regret it

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